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The one stop shop for all your podcasting needs.



Our Story

The PodShop was set up to allow creators to do what they do best, create. We take your recordings and turn them into polished, complete podcasts.

We help you to develop your concepts into fully formed ideas, free of technical limitations. Let us do the boring stuff so you can focus on being creative.

Who We Are

We are a team of media industry professionals who love podcasts. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take an established podcast to the next level, The Podshop is the one stop shop for all your podcasting needs. We take care of all the technical stuff, freeing you to create and produce the podcasts you want to.

No job is too big or too small so get in touch to find out how The Podshop can help you.

Our Vision

We want to help you create content with none of the stress. We create to your spec allowing you more time to get creative.

Our team of industry experts work together to create podcasts that stand out from the crowd and keep people coming back for more.

All we need from you is your recordings, we create the rest.





Editing, Mixing & Mastering

Recordings in the can? Our sound engineers create edits and mixes to your spec. All we need are your audio files and your vision. We fix any audio levels and restore archive recordings all mastered to industry standard.

Composition & Atmosphere

Want to stand out from the crowd? Our composers create original music just for you. Whether you’re starting with a general concept or multi track recordings, we will work to your brief to realise your Podcast’s unique music and SFX.


Distribution & Promotion

Need to grow your listener base?We distribute your podcast to all the major services while archiving your master recordings and project files. We have partnered with ad agencies to find the best sponsorship deals for you and your audience.

Consultation & Development

Struggling to develop a brilliant idea?  Our producers are on hand to consult on script editing, format and scheduling. We will help you structure your ideas in order to execute an engaging Podcast and connect with listeners.

Get in touch

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you take your podcast to the next level.



Industry Knowledge

Our team have a wealth of knowledge in the media sector. We've worked with all the big players in the industry, and most of the smaller ones too.

We're passionate about podcasts and the way they give anyone a voice and a stage. We exist to make that easier to achieve.

Years of Experience

Our team have been in media since before podcasts were a thing, working across all mediums. We've combined this knowledge to benefit you. 

We have the tools to create what you want at any scale.

In-house Development Teams

Our writing team will develop your ideas into fully realised content. All we need is your initial vision and influences.





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